Seminar GH Beaumont

I’ll visit GH Beaumont with prof. Isaac Morales. Info at (909)253-3621 or gmountainjj@gmail.com

Seminar Crosley Gracie JJ Academy.

I’ll visit Crosley Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy with prof. Crosley Gracie. Info at (925)634-6958 or info@crosleygracie.com

Seminar GH Fortaleza

I’ll visit Gracie Humaita Fortaleza, with prof. João Filho. Info at +55 85 99989-9679 or joaofilhoab@gmail.com

Seminar GH Fortaleza

I’ll visit Gracie Humaita Fortaleza with prof. Joao Filho. Info at + 55 85 9998-99679 or joaofilhoab@gmail.com

Seminar GH Saquarema

I’ll visit GH Saquarema with prof. Saulo Bravo. Info at + 55 22 99204-5308 or academiagraciesaquarema@outlook.com

Seminar GH Petropolis

I’ll visit Gracie Humaita Petropolis with prof. Breno Ângelo. Info at + 55 24 3302-1293 or brenoangelogracieteam@hotmail.com

Seminar GH Reserva

I’ll visit Gracie Humaita Reserva with prof. Alexandre Santos. Info at +55 21 9854-71144 or ghreserva@gmail.com

Seminar GH Centro

I’ll visit Gracie Humaita Centro with prof. Ricardo Falcão. Info at +55 21 2221-5245 or graciehumaitamatriz@gmail.com

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